Empowering you to Discover and Create opportunities for Lifelong Learning

About Us

We are a platform that empowers you to discover, create and crowdfund your ideas to make your venture a reality. Our mission is to lead crowdfunding for academic, economic and social good, development and sustainability.

Our Team

Fund Lifelong Learning is an initiative of the “Graduate Union of the University of Melbourne“. As a not-for-profit created for the advancement of education, the team at the Graduate Union developed this platform to facilitate learning and developing opportunities for everyone.

How does it work?

It’s very simple!
You can create, launch and gather support for your crowdfunding venture, or you can give to other ventures hosted on this site.

What makes us different?

At Fund Lifelong Learning, we are devoted to developing, hosting and supporting ventures in the pursuit of Lifelong Learning and enquiry. Ventures are sought in the areas of education and research, professional development, sustainable development, social and economic good. We recognise that these areas are pivotal in generating change and development in our society.

Fund Lifelong Learning empowers everyone to create and back ventures to benefit individuals (People), groups (Programs) and buildings and facilities (Places) in our areas of support.  Our platform makes it easy for you to directly engage our global community as well as your online networks to strengthen, mobilize and generate interest, awareness and support for your venture.

Here, at Fund Lifelong Learning, we encourage ventures in response to or aimed at promoting the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals initiated by the United Nations.

Our mission is to lead crowdfunding for academic, economic and social good, development and sustainability.

The Graduate Union

The Graduate Union is a charity, renowned as the pre-eminent membership association of graduates of universities from around the world, living, meeting and learning within a vibrant and active collegium which advances education and its application for the good of society.

Graduate House is a residential college for postgraduate students and academics, a meeting venue for not-for-profits and a gathering place for those who share our purposes of education for social good.

In the pursuit of advancing education for social good, The Graduate House Team have developed this crowdfunding platform to facilitate learning and developming opportunities for everyone.