What is an endowment?

An endowment fund is kept aside as an investment fund, where the income generated is used for a specific purpose. The actual endowment fund, also known as the principal remains untouched and keeps growing until it reaches its target amount to produce income.

Graduate Union Endowments

As a project of the Graduate Union, Fund Lifelong Learning crowdfunds for in house ventures as well as Graduate Union’s endowment reserves. Endowments created by Graduate House are set aside for the continuation of in-house ventures (residential and coursework scholarships, bursaries etc.), in perpetuity. These endowment funds will help provide more funding, networking and career opportunities for graduates at all life stages.

Crowdfunding Endowments

Crowdfunding endowment funds is one way of reaching our endowment targets. Fund Life Long Learning rolls over the flat 5% fee collected from each Graduate House Venture into these endowment funds to keep these initiatives going.

You can donate directly into the endowment funds here.

Check out some of the ventures that support our endowment funds.

List of Graduate Union Endowments

  1. Residency Scholarship
  2. Coursework Scholarship
  3. Building Fund
  4. Student Development Scholarship