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Today leading experts and research across various fields are found across the world. Global collaboration of these experts is a leading solution to produce unified answers and methods for continuous and sustainable development.

Enabling global collaboration -

Bridging the Gap

Crowdfunding to provide meeting and living spaces for visiting professors and scholars from different parts of the world to collaborate and work with some of the greatest minds within Melbourne, Victoria at Graduate House.

Building Connections

Visiting Professors and Scholars

Every year, academics from various faculties and disciplines transfer across different education institutions, domestically and internationally to further their research and study. Melbourne is now a progressively popular destination for study. Scholars and Professors from around the world visit Melbourne to work with and research under various professors or programs across Victorian educational institutions.

Melbourne has seen a steady rise in visiting professors and scholars, such that at any given point you will find at least one of these great minds at residence at Graduate House.

“He (Visiting Professor - Dr Jose) became a catalyst for collaboration, helping our faculty make new connections.”

Anne Steinemann,

Mentor to Visiting Professor

Crowdfunding to provide accommodation and living services to one visiting scholar and one visiting professor in Melbourne as they embark on their journey to teach, research and collaborate in Melbourne, Victoria.

The scholar will be provided with an apartment deluxe for no longer than 6 months, along with all the other services and programs offered by Graduate House during their stay in Melbourne.

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Meeting and Collaborative space

By becoming a part of this Union of Graduates, visiting Fellows are surrounded by like-minded individuals and are provided with opportunities to network with and participate in mentor - mentee programs.  Their stay at the Graduate House unlocks the platform to unite, collaborate and foster lifelong learning ties between institutions and other connections made here.

The Graduate Union houses some of the greatest minds from around the world by providing accommodation and meeting spaces at the Graduate House.

Accommodation and Living

Graduate House offers the ideal atmosphere for Visiting Fellows to live as they can meet and interact with academic and professionals and different communities across Melbourne. Here, a holistic environment for development is offered during their residency by fostering the best of academic and social environments through activities and programs run by the association.

Single or double bedrooms with shared bathrooms or en suites, as well as self-contained apartments are offered for visiting Fellows from Interstate and all around the world.

“My stay at Graduate House was just beyond words. Despite being away from my family for two months, it was a home away from home. This place never gave me a chance of becoming homesick. May it be during my free time or be during the dinner/ breakfast or even the recreation time. Every day was a new experience meeting people from different countries, different denominations, diverse cultures, varied academics, highly heterogeneous age group between 25 to 85 years, both men and women interacting sharing ideas across the dining table and exploring a whole lot of newer areas through experiences, living as one family."

You can read more about Dr. Iven Jose's story at Melbourne here. 

Iven Jose

Visiting Professor

Partner with us to enable collaboration with minds across the world!

Partner with us to help be the hub that fosters creative discussion and develop connections, simply by allowing and encouraging the transference of knowledge across cultures, borders, professions and minds to address questions faced by the world today in a collegiate living and meeting setting.

Your donation to this program can enable visiting members to have the best residential , professional, academic and social experience while they visit Melbourne.

Your support will also ensure this program' continues in the future, to ensure continuous development. This is done by setting aside a small portion of your donation - 5% to be exclusively used for the Residential Endowment Fund, which warrants the program to be run in perpetuity. 

All donations over $2 to this Venture,  Graduate House and other Graduate House ventures are tax deductible.

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