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In the drive for excellence and advancement of education, Graduate House offers residents Bursaries as stepping stones or gateways to foster and achieve their academic goals.

This Bursary awards four students enrolled in a Post Graduate or Masters course $500 each to further their course and realize academic objectives.

Bursaries open doors for residents to participate in special events, workshops, business practicum programs, attend conferences, take tests or additional subjects at University, volunteer, and many other pursuits to progress their learning experience while at Graduate Union.

The Numbers:

The cost to award four Bursaries on an annual basis is $2000 AUD. By taking into consideration the amount required to retain Bursaries in perpetuity, we are crowdfunding to raise $2100 AUD on an annual basis.

Bursary Winner 2015

“Thanks to the help of a very generous Graduate House Bursary award, I was lucky enough to attend the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers’ (AAMT) national conference at Adelaide University. I now feel much more connected to the Australian Mathematics Teaching community and I’m currently co-planning a workshop for the upcoming Mathematics Association of Victoria conference in December.
I’d like to sincerely thank Graduate House for its support to attend this conference. It has been a formative experience in my development as an educator.”




- Oliver Lovell, Bursary winner 2015

Bursary Winner 2016

“Supported by this funding provided by The Graduate Union, I was able to engage with the corporate realities of the Native Title regime,”
- David Allinson, Bursary winner 2016.

Bursary Winner 2014

“My time at Graduate House was wonderful and during my stay in 2015 I was lucky enough to be awarded the Graduate House Bursary where I used the generous funds to finance my summer school venture at The University of Cambridge where I undertook an international politics course.”
- Jingyao (Betsy) Yu, Bursary winner 2014

Applications for this scholarship opens after the target amount has been met.
There is a competitive selection process and students can receive only one award during their residence at the Graduate Union. These awards recognise study, career, specific purpose of the award and various achievements of applicants.

You can find the list of bursary award winners here.

Your donation to Bursaries makes the academic goals of residents possible and helps advance education through their returns to society!
Your donation instantaneously sanctions bursaries for this year and it creates a permanent fund to create and promote more bursaries in the future. A small percentage - 5% of your donation will exclusively be set aside into a Bursary Endowment Fund to ensure the continuity of this funding at Graduate House.
All donations to Graduate Union Bursaries are tax deductible.

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What does the bursary cover?

The $500 Bursary can cover a range of different avenues including:

  1. Books
  2. Memberships for associations
  3. Volunteer work – expenses
  4. Participating in Business practicum programs
  5. Attending conferences
  6. Undertaking tests
  7. Extra subjects (fees)
  8. Workshops
  9. Subscription
  10. Equipment

The applicant must provide justification of what the funds will be used for.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

Any full-time student resident at Graduate House undertaking their Post graduate or Doctoral coursework or research at any Higher Education Provider in Melbourne, Victoria can apply. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

This scholarship is open to Members of The Graduate Union who:

  • are in residence at Graduate House at the time of applying for the bursary and for a period of not less than three (3) months;
  • are enrolled at a university to undertake post-graduate coursework studies at diploma, masters or professional doctorate levels;
  • have not received a Graduate House Bursary or Research Scholarship previously; and
  • will be present in person to receive the bursary just prior to the 2017 annual General Meeting.

Applications which do not meet all of the above criteria will not be submitted to the selection panel.
 Selection Criteria  

Criterion Basis for rating
Purpose The funds are to be used for a well-described and well-defined specific purpose related to the applicant’s coursework. Suitable specific purposes include but are not limited to: (a) attendance at professional and career development seminars; (b) subscriptions to membership of professional bodies relevant to the applicant’s career; and (c) purchase of equipment/books/on-line access to aid the applicant’s study and career.
Accountability A budget is provided and shows clearly how the funds are to be spent. Quotes and receipts (if available) or feasible estimates are provided to demonstrate specific purpose expenditure. Funds will not be expended on general living expenses (accommodation, food, utilities, etc.).
Professionalism The submitted documentation is professional, presented clearly and shows attention to detail.
Resume The resume describes the applicant’s personal and academic history and demonstrates the applicant’s ability to represent The Graduate Union and the legacy of the bursary with dignity and honour.

When is the application period?

Applications will open as soon as the target amount is reached. For more information on the Graduate House and general application periods, visit the Graduate House website.

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