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What are we doing to prepare our next generation of leaders?

Graduate House - creating every opportunity to develop Transformative Leaders

Crowdfunding to send two Graduate House residents,
aged 18-26 to attend, participate and learn at the
National Student Leadership Forum in Canberra each year.

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Why support developing leaders?

Today's leaders are facing challenges their predecessors never had. They are confronted by ongoing economic uncertainty, geo-political instability, a continuously developing market with a population that demands a whole new style of leadership. Despite this, leaders are required to be visionaries, coalition - builders, internationally astute, highly creative, comfortable with change and must have strong ethics and values.

As a residential college housing some of tomorrows leaders across various fields, the Graduate House recognises the expanding breath of competencies required to be a strong and successful leader. For this reason, we provide every opportunity for Resident Members to discover themselves, develop as transformative leaders and influencers and to be set up for success.

One of the most important investments anyone can make is in developing future leaders.

"I believe this forum helps give us the strength to become this change, to engage with the world and others as a transformative leader that serves others, listens without judging and perseveres against adversity."

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Annelies Van De Ven

2014 Resident Winner

Why are we crowdfunding to do this?

People cannot become effective leaders by 'going it alone'. Every leader needs support. By crowdfunding to send Resident Members to the NSLF, we act as the community that backs them and celebrates their journey as they become leaders of the community and within their field of work.

Sending Resident Members to this conference is a means of recognition and validation of their individual journey to becoming a good leader. By crowdfunding this award, we as a community work together to invest into the lives of our future leaders. We are facilitating the honing and development of leadership skills to create effective change in society.

After all, these leaders actions and direction shape the collective futures of our children and grandchildren.

Nouman Daud Sharif

"The forum and all the people I met there have changed my life. I have become modest and I have explored myself in a way I never had. I now have a strong urge to do better for others and spread love. Through the forum, I have learned how to learn and that I need to learn more!" 

"From the depths of my heart, I pay gratitude to the Graduate Union of the University of Melbourne and Dr Kerry Bennett, who saw potential in me and sponsored me for attending the forum. I appreciate this initiative of the Graduate Union and urge residents to benefit from this wonderful opportunity in the following years!"

- 2016 NSLF Resident Participant

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Priyanka Rajani

"At the end of it, if there is one thing I took away from the conference, it is the need to fill our lives with conversations that allow us to understand those different from us. Conversations that take us outside our comfort zones. No matter how busy we get, it’s always necessary to understand the struggles of those around us and lend a listening ear where possible."

"All of us can do our part to make this world a better place, through actions big and small, as the leaders of tomorrow."

-2017 NSLF Resident Participant

Read Priyanka's experience here.


Abby Chen

“No matter how small you think yourself in the community, you should voice out. Before this opportunity, I really treated myself as a normal student doing things well. I didn’t think that broadly about how do I help the community, can I help others. I’ve really realized how strong we actually can be.”

“I’m very excited that Graduate House supported this opportunity for me. It was a fantastic experience, and all of the speakers, from Deng Adut to the Prime Minister and Opposition leader, were utterly inspiring.”

“I really want to help people. I really want to look for any chance now, to help people, it was a really life-changing event for me.”

-2016 NSLF Resident Participant 

Read Abby's experience here.

Callum McNair

“I am delighted and felt honoured and privileged that Dr Kerry Bennett (CEO) and Graduate House nominated and sponsored me to attend the National Student Leadership Forum. The forum was an opportunity for me to reflect on my leadership abilities. I learnt a lot about myself. I am a lawyer and I deal in facts and this Forum certainly made me step outside my comfort zone.”

- 2016 NSLF Resident Participant

Read Callum's experience here.

Annelies Van De Ven

"I believe this forum helps give us the strength to become this change, to engage with the world and others as a transformative leader that serves others, listens without judging and perseveres against adversity."

-2014 NSLF Resident Participant

Read Annelies' experience here.

Mattias Björnmalm

"The idea was not how to get others to obey and follow you, it was to take control over and lead yourself and to understand and refine your own values. To channel the skills and talents you have into these and to let them guide you."

-2014 NSLF Resident Participant

Read Mattias' experience here.

More information on the National Student Leadership Forum can be found on their website.

To ensure that the Graduate House is able to send two residents each year and ensure our contribution to the leaders of tomorrow, a portion of your donations will be allocated to the the endoewment reserves.

5% of your donations will be allocated to the endowment reserve that keeps this initiative going in pertpetuity, after the targeted amounts are met. You can learn more about our endowments here. 

All donations above $2 to Graduate House are tax deductuble.

Applications to participate in the Forum will open after the target amount has been met.

Learn more about the Graduate Union and browse through a list of our other crowdfunding projects.


Why the National Student Leadership Forum?

The Graduate Union sends Resident Members to this forum to provide as many opportunities for individuals to learn from the leaders of our Nation. It opens doors to learn from present-day people in leadership and connects them with like-minded indivudals across Australia.

Where can I find more information about the National Student Leadership Forum?

Information on the forum can be found on their website

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