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Residency and Learning
The Graduate Residency Scholarship

Crowdfunding to award two Residency Scholarships to Post Graduate Students undertaking their research or coursework at a University in Melbourne.

Rise in Postgraduate Education

Currently, there are over 350,000 students enrolled in University in Victoria. Of this number, close to 98,000 students are enrolled in postgraduate courses across Melbourne and this number is growing exponentially. This is because, today 

Correspondingly, the need for safe, quality and convenient accommodation has also increased. More often than not, postgraduate students don't have the luxury of a living space catered specifically to accommodate their needs during their study in Melbourne.

The need for collegiate living as a postgraduate

Life as a postgraduate can be extremely difficult. People who undertake a higher education usually have to balance a combination of their study with work, a family, other responsibilities or everything together. This can lead to isolation and loneliness with the added pressure of maintaining and regulating their living conditions, bills, networking and developing their professional careers.

Collegiate living at the Graduate House helps tackle these issues by providing a safe, quality and convenient residence balanced with the platform providing networking opportunities with meeting spaces all under one roof. While taking care of their living arrangements, the Graduate House also acts as the "nursery" for professionals across all sectors .

The Scholarship

We recognise that for every individual, living and accommodation requirements vary. Based on this we are crowdfunding to offer two scholarships - one for short term stay and the other for long term stay at the Graduate House.

One short-term residency scholarship

Postgraduate Student


Of total Residency Costs at Graduate House

Award for the student

Months stay at Graduate House

The short-term residency scholarship provides the ideal introduction to life in Melbourne and postgraduate life with the best possible balance of a social and professional experience. Graduate House provides Members the opportunity to connect with the international association of graduates, and fast-track their networking and development opportunities during their stay here.

One long-term residency scholarship

Postgraduate Student


Of total Residency Costs at Graduate House

Award for the student

Months stay at Graduate House

This scholarship provides accommodation for the period of study, no more than 24 months. This provides student the ideal collegiate living environment with opportunities to develop their professional and personal networks. Many events and programs are also hosted at the Graduate House to ensure every opportunity for lifelong learning.

Why is Graduate House the best option for collegiate living?

For over five decades, Graduate House has been a post graduate only accommodation. Over time, we have learnt that students not only need the basic necessities of accommodation, food and cleaning services to create a good living experience, but one that provides them with every opportunity to grow and develop, outside of a university or work setting. Not only are our living services second to none, but the people that stay here have access to programs for lifelong learning, workshops for development and so much more. Residents have the opportunity to connect with our worldwide association of graduates and network in social and professional settings.

What some of our Residents have to say about life at Graduate House

Huiting Wang, Past Resident

“People here are so friendly and helpful and it is like a big family. You can talk to people from different backgrounds and learn from them. It is really a good opportunity and place for students to make friends and promote networking.”


Soumya Mukherjee, Past Resident

“I am grateful to Graduate House, where I have made innumerable friends and have unforgettable memories associated with them. Research is effective and successful only when you have a supportive and cheerful community to live in.”

Natalia Bliznina, Past Resident.

"The Graduate House residential community is flexible and multicultural. It provided me with both moral and technical support for the whole duration of the semester."  

The year Graduate House was established as a Residential College

Over 2000 members globally as part of the Association of Graduates

Over who have lived at Graduate House

Partner with us to change the lives of two post graduate students who come to Melbourne to study.

Your small donation towards this scholarship will create a mammoth difference in the lives of two students by providing them a home away from home. Your support will help surround them with a community of like-minded people,tackling the issues of isolation and loneliness often felt by those undertaking stressful coursework and research, essentially used for the betterment and the development of our communities.

Through your support, you are investing into providing these students with the basic necessities that eases the pressure felt by students, while balancing all their other responsibilities and obligations.

Although the award is $24,390 we are crowdfunding for $25,610 to cover the small 5% fee associated with the platform. As this is a Graduate House venture, the fee amount will go into the endowment fund to ensure that this venture is continued in the years to come.

All donations over $2 to the Graduate House and the Graduate House ventures and projects are tax deductible. 

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Crowdfunding to award two Residency Scholarships to Post Graduate Students undertaking their research or coursework at a University in Melbourne.
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