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“Research is creating new knowledge.”
-Neil Armstrong

This Scholarship provides an award of $3000 AUD to a resident member undertaking research in their Post Graduate or Doctoral level of study.

The importance of research

Research is the gateway to unlock undiscovered possibilities in the world today. It promotes enquiry into unexplored areas and contributes to the continuous expansion of knowledge required for development.

Crowdfunding Research Scholarships

As a residential college for Post Graduates, the Graduate House hosts some of the best and the brightest resident members across different fields, from around the world. With the mission of advancement and application of education for social good, we provide our residents several development opportunities. Graduate House started the Research Scholarship fund in 2010 to help students further their existing research or venture into new areas of research. It encourages students to tackle new ares of discovery and improve their existing knowledge base with the support of the community.

“I think it’s very important to have this support in the early career stages for researchers because it gives them more motivation to move further and create new ideas.”
- Yuliia Velichenko, 2016 Research Scholarship Winner
Yuliia attended a conference in Japan where she connected with people doing similar chemistry and research to network and people relevant to her field.  She tells us that opportunity was very helpful and she made friends from different countries.
By providing this research scholarship, students are equipped to focus on their research without distraction or worry about finances. Students can even validate or expand their findings by presenting or publishing their research at conferences, journals etc. This scholarship supports a post graduate resident's pursuit to expand knowledge, establish facts and reach conclusions to help innovate, develop and progress society.
Crowdfunding for research scholarships is a means to gather support from the community to back our residents in their pursuits to create solutions and answer problems the world faces today.
"I presented my research paper at the 2015 European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) Conference which was held at the University of Helsinki in Finland. The 2015 Graduate House Research Scholarship which I received helped me be a part of this excellent opportunity."
- Dennis Danipog, 2015 Research Scholarship Winner
This research scholarship can be used for activities in line with their research, to test results, manufacture prototypes etc. To ensure the best use of funds, we have adopted a strict eligibility criteria and a screening process for applicants, including the prerequisite of a confirmed candidature for research within their respective universities, followed by interviews at the Graduate House.

You can be a part of promoting and revolutionizing innovation and progress through research by donating a small amount to this scholarship fund. We have created an opportunity for you to not only support our scholarship fund just for this year, but to ensure its continuity for the future!
A small percentage – 5% of your donation will exclusively be used to ensure the longevity of this fund by being set aside for the Research Scholarship Endowment Fund. You can learn more about our endowments here. 

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Who can apply for this scholarship?

Any student undertaking research in their Post Graduate or Doctoral level of study at any Higher Education Provider in Melbourne, Victoria.

What does this scholarship cover?

This scholarship covers a resident members’ travel for research, surveys and data collection, procurement relevant material, investigation and analysis, attending or presenting ideas or papers at conferences or even the manufacturing of a prototype etc.

List of research and activities the scholarship has awarded.

Research: ‘The Development of Novel Dual-Action Antihypertensive Medicines’. Awarded for member to attend and present her research at the 13th International Conference on the Chemistry of Selenium and Tellurium in Gifu, Japan.
Research: ‘Teaching for Scientific Literacy: Exploring Teachers’ Science Enquiry Practices and Students’ Achievement in Science’. Awarded for member to provide evidence-based documentation of specific science inquiry teaching practices associated with students’ improvement with scientific literacy.
Research: ‘Role of Angiotensin II and Sex Differences in Diabetic’. Awarded for member to attend conferences to present her results.
Research: ‘To generate a Neural Crest Stem Cell Line by Directed Lineage Reprogramming’.
Research: ‘Origin of Cells Promoting Myelin Regeneration after Ablation of Myelin Gene Regulatory Factor’.
Research: ‘Whether Right-sided Temporal Lobe Surgery Compromises Aspects of Verbal Memory Function’.
Research: ‘Contributions to the field of psychology’.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

This scholarship is open to Members of the Graduate Union who:

are in residence at Graduate House at the time of applying for the scholarship and, by the close date, will have accumulated at least four (4) months of residency;
are enrolled at a university to undertake a post-graduate research degree at a masters or doctoral degree level;
have had their candidature confirmed (that is, are not in the probationary period);
have not received a Graduate House Research Scholarship or Bursary previously; and
are available to give a 5-7 minute presentation in person at the Annual General Meeting.
Applications that do not meet all of the above criteria will not be submitted to the selection panel.

Criterion Basis for rating Maximum score
Innovation The research being undertaken by the applicant is potentially world-class, original and important. 10
Purpose The funds will be used for a well-described and well-defined specific purpose within the applicant’s research project. Suitable specific purposes include but are not limited to: (a) the purchase or hire of specialised equipment and/or consumables; (b) attendance at a key international conference to present results; (c) payment of research expenses such as travel to field sites or payment for research subjects; and (d) publication or intellectual property costs (e.g., to print final dissertation; to print an article in a journal; to obtain a patent). 10
Justification The funds will help to progress the applicant’s research (for example but not limited to: (a) through inclusion of a needed project component; (b) by increasing the degree of innovation of the research; (c) by translating the research for public benefit; (d) by increasing the dissemination of research results; (e) by supporting the building of research networks; and/or (d) through supporting the applicant to complete and publish the dissertation and research outcomes.) 10
Accountability A budget will show clearly how the funds are to be spent. Quotes and receipts (if available) or realistic estimates will be provided to demonstrate specific purpose expenditure. Funds will not be expended on general living expenses (accommodation, food, utilities, etc.). 10
Professionalism The submitted documentation is professional, presented clearly and shows attention to detail. 10
Presentation and Interview The resume describes the applicant’s personal and academic history and demonstrates the applicant’s ability to represent the Graduate Union and the legacy of the bursary with dignity and honour. 10

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Research Scholarships of $3000 AUD to promote enquiry, expansion of knowledge and innovation to Post Graduate Resident Members.
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