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Every year, academics from various faculties and disciplines transfer across different education institutions, domestically and internationally to further their research and study. With Melbourne becoming a progressively popular destination for study, there is a steady rise in the Professors visiting Melbourne’s education Institutes.

Graduate House offers the ideal atmosphere for Visiting Fellows to Live, Learn and Meet academic and professional communities across Melbourne. By becoming a part of this Union of Graduates, they are are surrounded by like-minded individuals and are provided with opportunities to network with and mentor other members. Their stay at the Graduate House unlocks the platform to unite, collaborate and foster lifelong learning ties between institutions and other connections made here.

The Visiting Fellow at Professorial level will be provided with residency at the Graduate House for a period of no more than one year. They will receive the luxury of an apartment deluxe along with all the other services and programs offered by Graduate House during their stay in Melbourne. 

“My stay at Graduate House was just beyond words. Despite being away from my family for two months, it was a home away from home. This place never gave me a chance of becoming homesick. May it be during my free time or be during the dinner/ breakfast or even the recreation time. Every day was a new experience meeting people from different countries, different denominations, diverse cultures, varied academics, highly heterogeneous age group between 25 to 85 years, both men and women interacting sharing ideas across the dining table and exploring a whole lot of newer areas through experiences, living as one family.
I would always wonder how Dr Kerry Bennett, the CEO, would manage the temperament of this diversity. It was such a warm feeling in being associated with Graduate House … Finally this placement gave me an opportunity to meet and associate with several local families in Australia. Time spent over the weekends in assisting the activities at the Church and participating in community level programs will always remain fresh in my mind.”
– Iven Jose, Visiting Professor

“He (Visiting Professor - Dr Jose) became a catalyst for collaboration, helping our faculty make new connections,”
-Anne Steinemann, Mentor to Visiting Professor 

The numbers:

The cost for residency for a fully furnished apartment deluxe, food, linen, housekeeping and many more services is approximately $55,200 annually. By taking into account 5% endowment rates, Graduate House targets $57,900 to crowdfund a Visiting Fellow at Professorial level. More information on the type of rooms, room rates, services and application processes can be found on the Graduate Union website.

Applications for this residency program opens after the target amount has been met.

Your donation to this program can enable visiting professors to have the best residential and academic experience for a year, and ensure this program's continuity for the future. This is done by setting aside a small portion of your donation - 5% to be exclusively used for the Residential Endowment Fund, which warrants the program to be run in perpetuity. 

All donations to this Residency Scholarship Fund are tax deductible.

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What does this scholarship cover?

This scholarship contributes to total costs of accommodation at the Graduate House for an apartment deluxe for a period of no more than one year. All other additional living expenses are undertaken by the individual.
For more details on what the accommodation costs cover, visit the Graduate Union website.

Who can apply to be a part of this program?

Any Professor from Educational Institutions domestically and internationally who is recognized as a Visiting Fellow at a Professorial level in educational institutions in Melbourne can apply.

Is there an eligibility criteria?

The applicant must be recognised by the participating educational institutions as a Visiting Scholar. Applications should be undertaken through their home institution and should show proof of a formal invitation from the receptive educational institution in Melbourne.

Can a Professor Apply for a period shorter than one year?

This fund covers residency for any duration not longer than one year. Leftover money will be rolled over into the fund for the following year and the endowment fund. 

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