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Crowdfunding residency scholarships to help students undertake their research and coursework in Melbourne.
As the only residential college for Graduates in Melbourne, Graduate House is the perfect place for post-graduate students and academics to reside in and meet others pursuing excellence in career development and research.

With the goal to advance education for social good, this residency scholarship will provide two post graduate students a 70% deduction from the total cost of the residential accommodation fee for the period of their post-graduate study, lasting no more than two years. These residency scholarships will serve:
1. One Post-Graduate student undertaking their coursework with a minor research component.
2. One Post-Graduate student undertaking their Doctoral or Masters level research.

This residency scholarship provides students with a comfortable living space, a single fully furnished room and an environment to foster academia, learning and career building. By covering 70% of the total costs, it greatly reduces stress levels of students, especially if they are International students. Living at Graduate House also provides an incredible social experience for residents to grow, connect and develop.

“People here are so friendly and helpful and it is like a big family. You can talk to people from different backgrounds and learn from them. It is really a good opportunity and place for students to make friends and promote networking.”
- Huiting Wang, Resident

Receiving this residency scholarship encourages and equips students by making the best resources available to them to maximise their learning and living experience. By investing in their living and learning, students are entrusted to advance the cause of Graduate House and further advance education for social good.

“I am grateful to Graduate House, where I have made innumerable friends and have unforgettable memories associated with them. Research is effective and successful only when you have a supportive and cheerful community to live in.”
- Soumya Mukherjee, Resident

This long-term residency scholarship fund will assist the student significantly, by contributing towards majority, i.e, 70% of the total compulsory costs of accommodation. The awardees will be provided for the maximum duration of two years, the luxury of a private room with an en-suite for their coursework and research.

The Numbers:

The cost for residency with fully furnished rooms and en-suites, food, linen, housekeeping and many more services is approximately $22,700 per student annually. By covering 70% of the costs and considering 5% endowment transaction, the Graduate House supports each student with a residency scholarship of $16,700. More information on the type of rooms, room rates, services and application processes can be found on the Graduate Union website.
Applications for this scholarship opens after the target amount has been met.

With a small donation to this scholarship fund, you not only facilitate the residency and scholarship for two applicants this year, you can also ensure the continuity of this fund for the future! A small percentage - 5% of your donation will exclusively be set aside into a Residency Endowment Fund to ensure this scholarship exists in perpetuity. This allows the scholarship to reach out to more students and give them many more opportunities over time.
All donations to this Residency Scholarship Fund are tax deductible.

You can learn more about endowments, or donate directly into the resident scholarship endowment fund here.

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What does this Scholarship Cover?

This scholarship contributes to 70% of total compulsory costs of accommodation at Graduate House for the duration of a Post-Graduate or Masters level research course undertaken by a full-time student at any higher educational institute for the maximum duration of two years.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

Any full-time student undertaking research in their Post-Graduate or Doctoral level of study at any higher education provider in Melbourne, Victoria.

What is the eligibility criteria?

  1. Applicant must be enrolled and must be commencing study in a post-graduate or masters level research course at The University of Melbourne or a similar higher education institution.
  2. Applicant’s research proposal must be approved by the relevant post-graduate research committee of their University of enrollment.
  3. Applicant’s ethics application (where relevant) must be approved by their University of enrollment.
  4. Applicant must demonstrate financial and/ or social disadvantage
  5. Applicants must complete application process including interview.
  6. Applicant must adhere with all requirements in the form of documentation to be submitted and appropriate descriptions within their application

When is the application perios?

Applications will open as soon as the target amount is reached. For more information about Graduate House and general application periods, visit the Graduate Union website.

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Providing Residency Scholarships to two students undertaking Post-Graduate Studies at a Victorian education institution.
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