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Scholars from around the world visit Melbourne to work with and research under various professors or programs across Victorian educational institutions. Graduate House helps provide a holistic environment for their residency by fostering the best of academic and social environments. Surrounded with some of the best and brightest members from a diverse range of disciplines, Graduate House provides the ideal environment for learning, meeting and networking.

The Short Term Residency Program will provide paid residency to one scholar for a period of no more than 6 months. The scholar will be provided with an apartment deluxe along with all the other services and programs offered by Graduate House during their stay in Melbourne. 

Our memberships association provides a platform to collaborate with, develop professional connections and partnerships with members from around the globe.

Australians are incredibly warm and friendly and helpful in any way that they can be,” said Allan. “Everyone here has bent over backwards to try and be as accommodating, warm and friendly as possible. Everyone we speak to: maintenance, Diana, people who just run into you in the halls, everyone has a smile on their face, everybody has a ready hello and that is the most important aspect of it, of the quality of life here. For the time that we’ve been here, we’ve been very happy.”
- Allan Fenigstein, Kenyon College, Ohio
Visiting Scholar at Graduate House

The cost of residency for a fully furnished apartment deluxe, food, linen, housekeeping and many more services is approximately $27,600 for a period of six months. By considering the 5% to create and keep an endowment fund running for the continuity of this venture, the amount crowdfunded is $29,000 AUD.
More information on the type of rooms, room rates, services and application processes can be found on the Graduate Union website.
Applications for this residency program opens after the target amount has been met.

Your donation to this program can enable visiting scholars have the best residential and academic experience for the current year, as well as for the future. This is done by setting aside a small portion of your donation - 5% to be exclusively used for the Residential Endowment Fund, which ensures the continuity of the program.
All donations above $2 AUD to this venture are tax deductible

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What does this fund cover?

This fund contributes to total costs of accommodation for a period of no more than 6 months. All other additional living expenses are undertaken by the individual.
For more details on what the accommodation costs cover, visit the Graduate Union website.

Who can apply to be a part of this program?

Any Scholar visiting an educational institution in Melbourne to conduct academic research, seminars or participate in specific related activities can apply for residency at Graduate House.

Is there an eligibility criteria?

The applicant must be recognised by the participating educational institutions as a Visiting Scholar. They may have received a formal invitation from an educational institution in Melbourne.

Can a scholar apply for a period shorter than six months?

Most scholars travel for a period ranging between 2 weeks and 6 months. Scholars can apply to stay at Graduate House for any period less than 6 months.

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Short-Term Paid Residency for Visiting Scholars at Melbourne for any Higher Education Academic or Business activities.
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