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Residency and Learning
Short- Term Residency Scholarship

We recognise that for every individual, living and accommodation requirements vary.

The short-term residency scholarship at Graduate House provides the ideal introduction to life in Melbourne and postgraduate life with the best possible balance of a social and professional experience. Graduate House provides Members the opportunity to connect with the international association of graduates, and fast-track their networking and development opportunities during their stay here.

For this reason, we are crowdfunding to cover 70% of the accommodation costs for six months at Graduate House for two individuals while they start their post graduate life at Melbourne.


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Cost per student

Students who will receive this award

Scholarship cost for 2 students

What does this scholarship cover?

This scholarship will cover 70% of the total cost of residency for two Members, for a period of six month during their stay at Graduate House. This residency scholarship will serve:

  • One Post-Graduate student undertaking their coursework with a minor research component.
  • One Post-Graduate student undertaking their Doctoral or Masters level research.

Accommodation will include a single fully furnished room, a comfortable living space, and an environment to foster academia, learning and career building at the Graduate House.

Why is Graduate House awarding this scholarship?

One of the most common factors hindering an individual from pursuing the much needed post graduate courses in today's developing world is finances. There are often scholarships and grants available for coursework and research, but costs covering accommodation, one of the biggest considerations in taking up further education is often overlooked.

As the only post graduate residential college in Melbourne Australia, the Graduate House offers two residential scholarships to students as it will:

  • Greatly reduces stress levels of students, especially if they are International students.
  • Living at Graduate House also provides an incredible social experience for residents to grow, connect and develop.
  • It encourages and equips students by ensuring the best of resources are available to them in their pursuit of lifelong learning and development.

By investing in their living and learning, students are entrusted to advance the cause of Graduate House and further advance education for social good.

Why are we crowdfunding this scholarship?

Education is everyone's responsibility. To one degree or the other, everyone has a responsibility to ensure that the next generation is well educated to ensure the continuity and the development of the planet.

Investing into a graduates positive living and learning experience plays an increasingly significant part in the development of an individuals professional and personal life.

By crowdfunding this scholarship, we are not only drawing awareness to the importance of postgraduate study, but that of a post graduate living experience. We are drawing on the community to invest into this positive living experience for students as it is a crucial period where they can create and develop networks to grow and influence change for our collective future.

What People are Saying about living at Graduate House

"The Graduate House residential community is flexible and multicultural. It provided me with both moral and technical support for the whole duration of the semester." 
- Natalia Bliznina, Resident. 

Significant opportunities exist in Graduate house for residents to develop a life-wide education, including cultural, social, academic and professional development.
- Betsy Yu, Past Resident.

Partner with us and invest into creating a positive living experience for graduates. 

While the award is $31,780 we are crowdfunding for $33,369 to cover the 5% fee associated with the platform. As this is a Graduate House venture, the fee amount will go into the endowment fund to ensure that this venture is continued in the years to come.

All donations over $2 to the Graduate House and the Graduate House ventures and projects are tax deductible. 


What does this scholarship cover?

This scholarship contributes to 70% of total compulsory costs of accommodation at Graduate House for a period of six months or one semester.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

Any full-time student undertaking their Post Graduate or Masters level of study at any higher education institution in Melbourne.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

Applicant must be enrolled and must be commencing study in a post graduate or masters level research course at The University of Melbourne or a similar higher education institution.
Applicant’s research proposal must be approved by the relevant post-graduate research committee of their University of enrollment.
Applicant’s ethics application (where relevant) must be approved by their University of enrollment.
Applicant must demonstrate financial and/ or social disadvantage
Applicants must complete application process including interview.
Applicant must adhere with all requirements in the form of documentation to be submitted and appropriate descriptions within their application

When is the application period?

Applications will open as soon as the target amount is reached. For more information on Graduate House and general application periods, visit the Graduate Union website.

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Two scholarships for short-term residency at Graduate House fostering academia, learning and career Building.
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